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With ∆’s An Awesome Wave rightfully claiming the Album Of The Year crown in last night’s Mercury Prize despite extremely strong competition (or so I felt) from Jessie Ware and The Maccabees - who released my other two favourite albums of 2012 - I decided to check out the remainder of the competition, with delightfully satisfying results.

This year’s ‘token’ jazz album is the eponymous debut of RollerTrio, and I’ve had it on repeat since first listen last night. Knowing nothing about jazz, it sounds to me more like math-rock with a saxophone, but that’s working very well on my ears so far, with 12-minute epic The Zone as a sure highlight.

Album now available from, iTunes, Amazon and other major stores.

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Tim Bazell @ Heart of Gold Studios, London
All compositions by Roller Trio
C&P Roller Trio all rights reserved

James Mainwaring - Saxophone/electronics
Luke Wynter - Guitar
Luke Reddin-Williams - Drums

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